Film Director/ DP/ Post-Producer

Alberto Solalinde

© Alberto Solalinde

Alberto Solalinde is an award-winning film director, cinematographer and post producer. His work has been featured in Discovery Channel, PBS, CNN, National Geographic among other big companies.

He has won different awards in recognized companies such as CNN and National Geographic for his work in the recent years, he has worked in videos and film productions for Ethan Films, Canon, CBC news, Nom Labs and United Nations to name a few.

One of his most recent productions "Reversed" a docu-series for Discovery Channel working as a Producer, DP, and editor, was a total success and "Season 2" is coming soon. 

Alberto Solalinde

He has directed 3 feature documentaries filmed in the US, Nigeria, Trinidad & Tobago and Mexico and worked in the television and film industry in the last recent years worldwide.

Solalinde is film director recognized in film festivals across the world as Habana Film Festival, Festival Internacional de Cine de Guadalajara (FICG 30), West African Film Festival, Hollywood Florida Film Festival, NYC Independent Film Awards, Charlotte Black Film Festival, Miami Independent Film Festival, among others.

​Alberto loves the art of the storytelling, bringing creativity, great ideas and powerful stories to any project he is involved and creating films and videos that show and reflect what the project is looking for.